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12.11.2022 - 12.16.2022 (Valid Dates expire on 12.16.2022 at 11:59pm cst)
Okkur Sunglasses x  Dining Guru $100 Restaurant Voucher. 

SHOP $39.99 and up, receive $100 Restaurant Voucher.
This exclusive voucher can be used at restaurants ,entertainment or services.
(only 77 Dining Vouchers Available)

Dining Voucher to use in US or Canada covering 98% of the US Population, over 100,000 offers of restaurants in 10,000 cities and coast to coast coverage throughout Canada. Use at home in your area or when you travel!
 * No Time Share Involved*
*You Do Not Need To Sit Thru A
Time Share*

Your restaurant voucher will be delivered via email from Dining Guru. Please check your spam/junk mail. Allow up to 24hrs for voucher to generate.

Okkur Sunglasses has partnered w/ Dining Guru
Dining Guru is powered by Dining Advantage.

To activate your voucher please click here:

$7.95 activation voucher. This promotion expires on 12.16.2022 at 11:59pm cst.
One email valid per month for voucher when promotion is active.